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世界の営業エピソード3 「名前の取り違え」 福岡営業の悩み相談所 福岡営業塾 ZOOMコンサルティング対応








"The Name Mix-Up"

One salesperson entered the conference room for a meeting with a new client. The salesperson had intended to confirm the client's name beforehand, but due to nervousness, they accidentally called out a different name.

Both parties initially wore surprised expressions, but the salesperson quickly realized the mistake and apologized. However, this mix-up in names ended up lightening the mood of the meeting and bringing about unexpected results.

The client responded with a smile and said, "Actually, that's the name of one of my friends, but for some reason, it brings back fond memories." They proceeded to engage in a conversation that went beyond a typical business discussion, sharing common stories and interests related to that friend.

This episode of name mix-up highlights how what initially seemed like a mistake or nervous blunder ended up becoming a catalyst for a surprising connection and empathy. The salesperson's genuine apology and ability to inject humor into the situation deepened the bond with the client, leading to a more friendly and fruitful conversation.

This story underscores the importance of adaptability and a positive attitude in sales, even when faced with failures or mistakes. It shows that unexpected events can sometimes become opportunities for forging meaningful connections. Salespeople should approach unforeseen situations with humor and flexibility, as they may open doors to unexpected outcomes.



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