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世界中どこでも営業マンは孤軍奮闘しています。エピソード1「ドアからの逆襲」/ 福岡営業の悩み相談所 福岡営業塾 ZOOMコンサルティング対応しています。








"The Surprise at the Door"

One salesperson was visiting a client and knocked on the door. However, as soon as the door opened, a large dog came bounding out! The salesperson was momentarily startled but quickly regained composure and tried various tactics to calm the dog and enter the client's house.

At first, the salesperson tried calling the dog's name and approached with a friendly attitude. However, the dog showed no signs of settling down. That's when the salesperson pulled out a toy from their pocket and showed it to the dog, capturing its interest and prompting it to playfully chase the toy.

Using this opportunity, the salesperson continued the conversation with the client. They humorously incorporated the dog into the conversation, and the client responded with laughter. Meanwhile, the salesperson used the toy to keep the dog entertained while discussing the benefits of their products or services and addressing the client's needs.

Eventually, the dog became more relaxed as it played with the salesperson and listened to their conversation. This allowed the salesperson to carry on with the business discussion. The sight of the dog happily playing with the toy while listening to the salesperson's pitch was truly unique and memorable.

This funny episode highlights the importance of maintaining composure and using humor to build a relationship with clients when faced with unexpected situations. Sales can have unpredictable moments, but by staying flexible and creative in their approach, salespeople can turn such situations into successful outcomes.



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